Mary Kate Olsen’s Fashion: Her Way of Donning Skinny Jeans and Boots

Some celebrities, such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna, try various styles very often. Nevertheless, there are others that have a predictable sense of fashion. By predictable, we mean they have a consistent signature fashion, so you recognize them right away. One of these celebrities is the Olsen twins – Mary Kate and Ashley.

You may be wondering what their predictable sense of fashion is. They usually wear baggy clothing with neutral hues and a basic style. These have been the trademark of the Olsen twins. It is not surprising that this is their go-to style every time. If the piece has a lot of embellishments, too glam or sexy, you will never catch them wearing any of these in public.

One of Mary-Kate’s photos in New York City shows this style exactly. If you want to try their fashion, you can start with pieces such as basic black boots, an oversized coat, dark skinny jeans, and a slouch beanie. It is recommended to invest in a black coat since it is easy to pair with other clothing pieces and accessories.

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