Alexa Chung’s Has the Ideal Fall Fashion

It is known that even the simplest pieces have style. When someone is able to wear classic wardrobe pieces and make the whole look fashionable and modern, that person indeed has style. Recently, Alexa Chung was able to put together that kind of fashion. She just proved that choosing your fall wardrobe does not need to be complicated.

Chung posted a photo of herself wearing a neutral cardigan, straight-cut denim jeans, and black ballet shoes in her Instagram post. All these pieces are likely in every woman’s closet. Therefore, her look can be easily recreated.

Every piece in her look is a closet staple, and everything worked together. The style is a classic because of the timeless color choices. Neutral tones, denim, and black are trademarks of fall fashion. Every year, you can see these shades on runways. If you are on the search for the ideal fall look, you probably just need to go over your closet. Using Alexa Chung’s style as your reference will help you come up with your fall fashion ideas.

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