Olsen Twins Have Mastered the Fashion Industry

The Olsen twins are not only celebrities but are also considered as powerhouses in the fashion industry. Starting at a very young age, Ashley and Mary-Kate have been known for a long time. Nevertheless, they still know how to get the attention of the fashion industry even after 30 years.

The Row, which is their fashion empire brand, has many celebrities who wear their stylish pieces. Therefore, the twins can be considered royalty in the world of fashion. Even though they are very private and rarely seen in public in a year, they still have many followers who are interested in trying out their style.

The twins’ style has a certain feel that you know they have mastered already. To briefly explain their style, they focus on creating proportions such as wearing clothing with oversized silhouettes and volume. You might be thinking that they only wear clothes that have large sizes. The twins have thought beyond that, and they understand that they have to be strategic when choosing clothes with the right proportion.

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