Ways to Dress Like a Boss Any Time of the Day

The way one looks when entering the workplace is important. Nevertheless, women who can exude confidence from their style have something unique at any time of the day.

One of the most important pieces in dressing like a boss is a pair of shoes. Having function and style, these shoes should be able to give comfort and confidence all day. It does not matter if you are relaxing early in the morning for a presentation, attending an important meeting, or having post-work drinks; a nice pair of shoes is needed.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind your colleagues’ physical stature when picking out shoes. For instance, high heels are great when working with people who are taller than you.

This is because it helps give a more effective communication because you are close to your colleagues’ eye level. As a result, you can get your thoughts more clearly. Avoid wearing high heels that are too high since you might find it hard to walk and blend in with your officemates. The most important thing is to wear what you want.

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