Skincare Misconceptions You Need to Stop Doing Now

When it comes to the science of skincare, it becomes increasingly in-depth. After you learn the new discoveries, you will have a better understanding of your skin and the reasons why you should never make the following skincare mistakes again:

1. Not Using SPF

UV rays are considered the external elements that cause the most damage to the skin. UVB rays can burn the skin, which can damage it a lot. Moreover, there is a higher risk of getting skin cancer. On cloudy days, the skin can be destroyed because of the UVA rays that exist even when it is not sunny.

2. Overusing Acids

If you use very strong acids that make the skin tingle every day, it can make your skin lose its natural protection. This can result in painful acne, redness, and drying of the skin. Using acids may seem to be the right solution for acne-prone and dull skin. Nevertheless, doing a gentle exfoliation is better.

3. Cleaning Your Face Only Once

Regardless if you use micellar water or a facial cleanser to wash your face, doing it once is not enough. To make your skin a lot better, smoother, and healthier, cleansing it twice before going to bed is your best option.

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