A Guide to Lose Weight in a Month and Fit in Your Old Dress

Do you have a favorite dress sitting in your wardrobe for a while but you cannot put it on because of your weight? In the following sections, you will find a guide on the best weight loss methods. If you want to lose fat, keep reading to find out how you can size down quickly and fit into your old dress again.

Avoid gluten

You should start by cutting off gluten from your diet. Do not take foods made from processed flour including bread, pasta, rotis, and bread. Your bloating will reduce and this aids in your slimming efforts.

Include healthy fats

It is advisable that you take foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They help you lose fats faster by promoting metabolism. Some of the foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids include shrimp, flax seeds, and fish.

Incorporate almonds into your diet

You should add almonds to your meals because they have a high fiber content to boost metabolism and thus promote weight loss. It also keeps you feeling full for longer and you will not need to take many meals.

Don’t take fast foods

Sometimes your dress will not fit because you have a tummy as a result of bloating. You can address this bloating issue by cutting off fast foods from your diet. This is crucial because fast foods contain a lot of salt and fat which makes your stomach feel bloated.

Avoid milk in your tea and coffee

Adding milk to your tea or coffee adds more calories to them and reduces their ability to help your metabolism. In addition to messing with your calorie counts, milk will also make it hard for you to stick to a strict diet. To avoid this, it is advisable that you take black coffee and green tea instead.

Always start your day with a healthy breakfast

It is important that you start your day with a filling and healthy breakfast so that the body can kickstart your metabolism and helps you to remain active all throughout the day. With a decent breakfast, you will not be taking unhealthy snacks during the morning hours and it also keeps you from overeating during lunch. A good breakfast should contain protein and healthy fat.

Eat salads

A bowl of salad before lunch and before dinner will help you lose weight faster. Make your salad using raw and leafy vegetables as well as fruits. The salad will keep you full and keep you from eating too much. Additionally, salads prevent bloating and help with digestion.

Take detox drinks

Detox drinks are essential when it comes to losing weight. You should take lemon water, ginger water, and apple cedar if you want to lose weight fast. There are many recipes for making detox drinks and you can try them out.

Lose targeted fat

It is important that you determine the part of your body that is keeping you from fitting into your dress. You should then go ahead and get weight loss methods that are specifically aimed at losing fat in that area.

Download an app to track your calories

It is important that you track the number of calories that you are taking every day. This will help you create a balance in your meals. It will also help you incorporate the right weight loss methods.

While working on the weight loss methods above, imagine when you take out that dress and picture how good you will look once you fit in it. That gives you the motivation to keep going on.

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